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From the Bird's Beak

Door #23 of the Advent Calendar is open!

Door #23 of the Advent Calendar is open!

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christmas cat
On this, the eve of Christmas Eve (that makes it Christmas Eve eve, right?) we have two wonderful gifts from Elf Dawnwind and Elf Wightfaerie. I can't believe that we're that close to the end of the Advent Calendar. Is that reindeer I hear? Check out door #23 at

  • It doesn't open day 23. Still says no peeking!
    • You may have to refresh your browser or wait a little while. We have the same problem at my house. It comes up immediately on 2 computers and on Anne's iPad, it takes a half hour. I can't explain it. We test it before I announce.
      • Thanks. I was at work after 11 and a half hours and eager to see how my story looked. It worked later. ;-)
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