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From the Bird's Beak

Door #24 of the Advent Calendar is open!

Door #24 of the Advent Calendar is open!

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christmas cat
And finally, it really is Christmas Eve! The very last day of our Advent Calendar. The calendar has been a wonderful success, with over 29 creative participants offering 46 gifts. Maybe even more importantly, we have had over one thousand comments on those works. That's just awesome! You all deserve a round of applause for such wonderful participation. It's been an exciting ride, and we've got a wonderful conclusion. Elf Suzan, Elf D P Patricks, and myself have three final gifts for you to enjoy the day before Christmas. And Cyanne and I are hoping you all have a wonderful holiday season, however you choose to celebrate it. Check out door #24 at

  • Thank you, Flamingo and Cyanne, for all your wonderful posting, pictures and editing.
  • Congrats for the great success of this year's Advent Calendar. You and your helpers did an awesome job. It has given me lots of smiles.
  • Many thanks to you, and to Cyanne and Suzan for all the work you did on this year's calendar. I enjoyed it very much!
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