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From the Bird's Beak

50 State and now International S&H Open House (from Keri!)

50 State and now International S&H Open House (from Keri!)

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I'm posting this for Keri. You can find the original post at her lj: http://keri1006.livejournal.com/

Hello Starsky and Hutch fans,

I had an idea that so far is going over well so I'm taking it global.

Everyone who has been to a con or has gotten together with fans in other venues knows there's just nothing to compare with being able to watch eps and vids together, ooh and ah over art, trade zines back and forth, and just glory in SH talk until you're hoarse. Cons only come around once a year, if we're lucky, and traveling and hotels and all of that can be out of reach for many, so what about a local one-day open house party in every state we can get a host and guests lined up for?

Just let me know if you'd be willing to host, I'll start a spreadsheet, and then we'll see who in your area could attend. I'm doing Texas, so Texans, consider yourself invited! Dates and details to follow:)

So, that's how it would work, a great fun house party and maybe we could share the details of each party after it happens.

A whole day of Starsky and Hutch love. Nothing could be finer.

Who's in?

Keri T. (http://keri1006.livejournal.com/)

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