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From the Bird's Beak

Call for submissions: SHareCon 2016 zine

Call for submissions: SHareCon 2016 zine

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You, too, can be immortalized in print!

This is how crazy we are. In an era of online-everything-instantaneously, we plan to once again produce a hard copy of the one and only official SHareCon zine. But we need contributions or we have no zine. As we did in 2014, we are accepting submissions from anyone in Starsky & Hutch fandom. Also, as we did in 2014, we will produce an ezine as well. So, we're not that crazy. (We're sane, really we are. Don't call the nice people at Cabrillo State. We don't get along well with the other patients.)

We're looking for a few (dozen) fiction writers (slash, gen, or both if you can swing it), essayists, artists, poets, pundits, puzzlers, punsters, limerick-ers, cartoonists, trivia addicts, drabblers, humorists, quoters, or any other -ist or -ers that have to do with our boys. If you've got more than one idea, send them along; multiple submissions are welcome. Feel free to cross the streams, er, universes. Crossovers are welcome as long our boys, Starsky and Hutch, are the main focus. The zine should represent a snapshot of the fandom today. We want it to be as welcoming as possible.

Contributors who are attending or supporting members will receive both a digital and a hard copy of the zine. Anyone else who contributions a minimum of one page of content also receives a trib copy of the zine in both formats. A page of content could be a full-page art piece, a long poem, a short story or nonfiction essay of at least 600 words, puzzles, 6 drabbles, and so on. If you have a shorter submission or a very long one, talk to us.

We ask for exclusive rights to your work for six months after the con, that is, until May 1, 2017. That means you won't post it anywhere online or publish it elsewhere prior to or after the con. After May 1, it's all yours.

Please send your submissions to zine@sharecon.net. Send any questions about the zine that address for a private response, or to the SHareCon discussion list (sharecon@googlegroups.com), SHareCon Livejournal (http://sharecon.livejournal.com/), or the SHareCon Dreamwidth (http://sharecon.dreamwidth.org/) for a public one.

We need all submissions by August 1, 2016, but as Cyanne used to say when she was a stage manager, there's nothing wrong with now.

Your friendly (and not yet hassled but give us time) con zine producers,

Cyanne and Flamingo 
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