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From the Bird's Beak

SHareCon needs Panel Topics

SHareCon needs Panel Topics

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Forgive the crossposting, but we're looking for as much input as we can get. We are super late in talking about panels, so what better time to start the discussion than now. We usually have between 10-13 panels at the con and topics range wildly. Some topics are slash-specific and others are general interest. Some topics are resurrected almost every year, but there are always some brand new ideas. We really want to hear YOURS. We will eventually gather all the topics suggested and post them in a poll to gauge the interest level. Here are a few that have been suggested already:

1. Put together the ultimate SH play list. What songs evoke the show, the boys, or specific scenes? Would you use modern music or only period tunes?

2. If S&H were super heroes, what would they be? Not like standard superheros -- what unique powers would they have that reflect their unique abilities from the show?

3. If you were rebooting the show today (the show, not the boys), what would you like to see them as besides cops? FBI? Profilers? Race car drivers? Reporters? What movies would you recast with Starsky & Hutch.

4. A review of social media platforms where you can find Starsky and Hutch and how to "work" them: Tumblr, LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (i.e., Many fans coming in from Facebook and Tumblr find LiveJournal especially hard to navigate.)

5. Vidding workshop -- how do people make vids these days: software, equipment, formats.

6. How to make S&H gifs.

Send us panel topics!

  • What is the difference in stories written today and those of old? Why do we see less hurt comfort? Is there a difference, and if so, why? Why is there(or it seems there are) less darker fic?
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