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From the Bird's Beak

If you are having problems reserving a room for SHareCon...

If you are having problems reserving a room for SHareCon...

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If you are thinking of coming to SHareCon or if you've had any problems with making reservations at the hotel -- I just had a long talk with the sales manager, and she assured me she would work hard to resolve any reservation issues I know some of you have had.

If you try to make reservations and are told the days you want are only available at a higher rate or are not available at all, please make the reservations anyway and we can add a day or adjust the price afterward. The sales manager can change prices and rooms once the reservation is made.

She works regular business hours but I know many of you make your reservations during the evening and there have been problems with the online system or with the evening staff who can only use the system in the computer and can't make changes. But the sales manager can when she is on duty.

So, please, in spite of whatever restrictions you face when making the reservation, go ahead and make it. Let me know the problem, or email the sales manager directly and we will fix it. The important thing is to get the reservation in. You can always cancel it later if you decide not to come.

You can make reservations through a link on the con website at www.sharecon.net.
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