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From the Bird's Beak

The First SH 50-State-International Get Together

The First SH 50-State-International Get Together

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Our SH get-together was the first in the 50-State-International Get Together. We planned an SH day (which was more like an SH weekend) at Suzan's house in Stafford Va. Cyanne and I arrived at Suzan's Friday evening and spent the evening discussing website and archive designs and working out some archive issues. I've written a short (especially for me!) story for the Gen con's zine and solicited Cyanne's and Suzan's opinions -- yes, you read that right. I wrote a gen story. Reaction was positive! Whew! We stayed up way too late when we hit some complexity with the web design that drove Cyanne crazy, but finally threw in the towel way way way past midnight.

On Saturday, other friends planned to join us, but torrential storms and some personal issues made that impossible. We were sad! But friend Ann McN. showed up for a few hours and Taya also made it, which was great.

I had brought a bunch of ebay purchases I hadn't had time to go through and we discovered some strange and weird things in those packages. One of the most bizarre and unique items was a pornographic comic book from Spain that used a parody of Starsky & Hutch in one of the stories. Of course, none of us could translate it, but with the explicit nature of the drawings did we have to? I mean there was girl-on-boy action, girl-on-girl action, boy-on-boy-on-girl action... Sometimes our ersatz boys were involved, sometimes not. Yes, we need a translator! After discovering that comic, the standard magazines and clippings and photos seemed a little mundane. ;-)

After finding out that Cyanne has not yet seen all the episodes, we went through the episode lists to determine what episodes we would watch. We ended up viewing Class in Crime (amazingly, she'd never seen the whole thing), Hutchinson for Murder One (because I wanted to see it), Silence, and Kill Huggy Bear. It was not only fun to watch eps with someone who hadn't seen some of them, it was fun to have Taya look up some of the other actors to see what else we might have seen them in. I thought for sure I'd seen Dryden from HfMO in the recent movie "Transformers" (the first one). Taya checked IMBD and he hadn't been in that movie, but he'd been a lot of other things I had seen, as characters I hadn't recognized.

We also watched the pilot episode of Here Comes the Brides. I'd never seen any of the episodes and I was dying to look at a super-young David. With great apologies to anyone who loves that show...it was hard to watch. He wasn't hard to watch, but the plot...the dialog...the acting... I'm sure some of the episodes are better than the pilot, but after getting through that ep we decided to stick with S&H. I suspect that's a show I'll be watching on fast forward, checking up on our boy. Taya's checking on episode reviews uncovered a song David sings on a Christmas episode, so we watched that. It was lovely. (His singing. We fast forwarded through the episode.) In spite of my reservations about the show, I am sorry they never came out with the second season. Not being able to have the whole thing is frustrating. (That doesn't make much sense, but I know fans understand this kind of logic.)

Around 11:30 pm Cyanne reluctantly headed for home, a good 2 hour drive. We still hadn't solved the web design problem, but I have confidence that we'll figure it out. (You like that "we" stuff...she'll figure it out and I'll cheer her on!) Taya stayed over Saturday night as did I, so the party continued a little longer. As usual, I was the last one to leave and even then Suzan and I stood on her doorstep talking away. I finally left for home around noon on Sunday.

It was an inspiring time, a great chance to spend quality time with good friends, and share the fun of episode-watching. I got to watch more episodes than I usually do, since I never can seem to find the time to do that, possibly because I can't do anything but *watch* when it's on, it's just too distracting. And there always seems to be something I'm way behind on that I've got to get to.

I want to thank Keri for suggesting the SH gatherings. It was fun, inspiring, and a terrific excuse to spend time with the people you never get to see enough. I want to thank Suzan for letting us commandeer her house (Hey, Suzan, we're having a party...at your place!), and for everyone who managed to get there. I hope next time we pick a weekend with better weather (though the way the weather's been lately, I'm not sure that's possible).

I'm going south for a business meeting later this week, so will be hooking up with KimberlyFDR on Thurs. night. I hope we'll have time to enjoy some SH together, too!

Let us know how your gatherings went.
  • I don't know what happened, but your post didn't format correctly or something. The word wrap isn't working.
    • just about done with lj

      I cannot make this medium work for me. I have tried to fix this post multiple times and the lj cut won't work and the formatting is screwed. If anyone can fix it, I'd be grateful. And now it's screwing up other peoples flists.

      This is way too much trouble as a form of communication. I am done with it.
    • Re: just about done with lj

      Usually, it auto-formats itself so the user doesn't have to do anything. It's possible you might have the disabling feature checked. You can find out by looking in the upper right hand corner of the box when you're posting an entry. That way all you have to do is type and not worry.

      Anyway, if you're done...you're done, Flamingo. No prob.

      I still follow the yahoo groups even though I lurk and I'll keep up there.

      Have fun at Kimberly's. *G*
    • Re: just about done with lj

      I hope you're not done done with LJ :( I can show you about posting tomorrow night if you want. It looks like you're posting with Rich Text Editor, which is what's messing up your HTML on the posts.
  • Ooh, ooh! That sounds fabulous. It is such fun to watch episodes with someone who doesn't know what she's about to see... *g* Well, and just being able to immerse yourself in all things S&H with like-minded folks.

    I was completely hooked by HCTB when it was originally on TV, and I was, like, 7 or something. I watched it more recently and...yeah, I see what you're saying. But there is prettiness involved!

    Thanks for sharing your party here!
  • reformated

    there is hope on the horizon. KimberlyFDR is helping me one babystep at a time.
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