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From the Bird's Beak

Please read: Paula Wilshe & Marian Kelly updates

Please read: Paula Wilshe & Marian Kelly updates

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When we decided to do the Paula Wilshe New Writer Award again (we skipped 2014), and start the Marian Kelly Hall of Fame, we were worried we'd only get a little response. Participation in the 2014 PW was...thin. But now we have SO MANY NOMINEES, especially in the MK Best Writing category, posting them to the TEN DIFFERENT FORUMS is not practical. (Remember when we only had to post to two mailing lists? )

We have 18 PW nominees, 30 MK Best Writers, and a staggering 65 in Best Writing. That list is a terrific set of fic recs!. (Is your fav on it? Did you nominate it? If not, nominate now to move it to the top!)

We have 4 Best Artists and 19 in Best Art. We have 10 Best Vidders and 11 Best Vids. (Are your favs represented?)

The lists are too unwieldy to post, but they need to be public so people can still check them out and continue to nominate (until September 10). So I've put the list in a permanent location. They're posted on the SHareCon LiveJournal here:


If you're not used to LJ, the post may seem to have category titles but no list. You'll see the repeated phrase (Nominations under the cut...). Clicking on that will reveal individual lists. If you want to see them all, click on the title of the post: "Nominees for Paula Wilshe & Marian Kelly Awards 9/6/2016" and it will take you to a page with all the lists revealed.

If none of this works for you, let me know and we'll figure it out. We'll be updating this list frequently, and I'll notify everyone when the update is ready.

Just as a reminder, nominating addresses are for the PW: pwaward@sharecon.net and for the MK Hall of Fame: mkaward@sharecon.net.

Thanks to everyone who's participating! We're grateful!

Flamingo, Keri, and Cyanne
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