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From the Bird's Beak

I'm way behind on reporting in on my trip to Michigan to the…

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christmas cat
I'm way behind on reporting in on my trip to Michigan to the fun-filled Cabrillo Con that I attended back in August. (Man, I am WAY late, even for me.) Cabrillo Con is a Gen SH con that is held every other year (opposite the years we have SHareCon) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For those of us who attend Media West over Memorial Day in Lansing Michigan, Grand Rapids is about an hour away. I'd never been to Grand Rapids, despite going to Media West for a long time, and I must say, the parts of it I saw were lovely.

Cabrillo Con is run by Brit and her group of friends, and they do a fabulous job. I attended the first Cabrillo con in 2005 and had a BALL! I wanted very much to go in 2007, however, a very dear friend decided her daughter's wedding was somehow more important than my SH con and despite my protests, I was obliged to attend the wedding. I'm still complaining about that to her (not that she cares). I really regretted missing that con.

Cabrillo always has lots of games, and they're always fun. They're such fun that I often "borrow" some of them for SHareCon.  ;-)  Hey, steal from the best! While I didn't have time to attend many of the games myself this year, the ones I did stay for were lots of fun, fast paced, and creative. I especially love the cockroach races which were, as always, hilarious, with the crazed wind-up cockroaches running in every direction but the correct one while us hapless "jockeys" tried to steer them with drinking straws.

The con gave me an opportunity to room with Pepper, and allowed us to get some serious work done on Pepper's zine compilation project and my archiving project, so we spent more time than I usually do huddled in the room. CC also joined us at the con, and getting to spend special time with these two terrific ladies was wonderful. At SHareCon I rarely have time to socialize as much, so this was a special treat.

We teased the con organizers that it felt like they'd arranged a food event every two hours, which wasn't true, but believe me, we were well fed! We enjoyed a meal at a historic diner (Rosie's of the "quicker picker-upper") and another great meal at Famous Dave's barbeque, and another great meal at a pie place that had terrific food and amazing pies. Real rhubarb pie!

We took a terrific trip to a nearby sculpture garden that was gorgeous with fabulous plantings and wonderful works of art. The tram driver found it fascinating that I was called "Flamingo" and I had to make a quick getaway before I found myself on a date.  :-)

But the most amazing event of the weekend was that the Cabrillo con crew arranged for us to view three SH episodes in an actual theater. That was *amazing*, to see the boys on the really really big screen! I saw things I've never seen before. We'd voted ahead of time on the program and saw The Fix, Coffin for Starsky, and Shootout. We had popcorn and sodas and plushy seats...it was very very special. I fell in love with the guys all over again.

(Prior to the event, Brit took us to a chocolate store -- can you imagine letting 25 adult women loose in a chocolate store all at the same time? We were lucky we ever got out of there!)

I put together a vid show for the con, which everyone liked, and I did two presentations, one on vidding (which still strikes me funny as I know less about this topic than almost anyone else) and one on podfic.

We watched more eps, and ate more food (which was fabulous) and there was some other panels, which I may have missed. We also socialized a lot, and the group that goes to this con are lovely people, we always laugh a lot.

They had a really funny play about Mary Sue that had us in stitches, where everyone trusted Mary Sue instantly and wanted to marry her and have children with her, and she was the third partner. A scream. And two of the gals did a hysterical interpretive dance to the French Starsky & Hutch theme. Bet you didn't know the French *had* a Starsky & Hutch theme of their own. Not only did they make their own theme, they had WORDS to it. While they played the music, Brit read a translation of the French words to their SH theme. It was hilarious!

Oh, don't let me forget about the hotel! The hotel is only 2 years old and was terrific. In fact, the hotel was so new, the GPS device, a Garmin, I had couldn't find the address, and we traveled around lost for awhile. When I wandered into a residential area, I thought the device was going to have a conniption. "Make a U turn now!!!" It was really getting shrill! Once we arrived, it sighed happily, recalculated, and we never had a problem after that.

The beds were excellent, I slept like a baby and my "purring" (what Anne calls my snoring) didn't seem to bother to bother Pepper at all. The bed was so big Pepper kept saying we could fit three more people in there. I think she was lonely...  ;-)

Every room was a suite, so we had a lovely sitting area and plenty of room to spread out the boxes of zines I brought for Pepper to peruse. And peruse she did.

They had a hot breakfast every morning, and a great pool and jacuzzi. What more could you want??? Oh, the free WiFi was nice and the chocolate cookies by the desk didn't hurt either.

All in all, it was a wonderful time, even the trip to and fro was fun (since I'm a crazy person who loves driving). I'll never forget going to the *movies* to see S&H!!! I wanna do that again.

And I'm looking forward to the next Cabrillo Con in 2011.
  • Oh, man, I'm envious of seeing those episodes in a theater! With plush sheets and popcorn and everything. What a marvelous experience. It sounds, indeed, like the whole trip was wonderful. Thanks for sharing the experience!
    • Eps in a theater

      You'd best believe I'm going to look into doing that for the next Sharecon. The biggest drawback, for Sharecon, is that we did this on Thursday, since the expense of renting the theater for Fri-Sat-Sun was not affordable. But I'm going to look into it. It was fabulous!
      • Re: Eps in a theater

        Well, you know, I keep threatening to come to a SHarecon... *g*
  • That sounds like so much fun. I'm about two hours from GR. 2011 would be the next one, right?

    Apropos of nothing, really, except that it's both funny and a little cheesy - when I was living in Las Vegas a few years back, one of the drive time DJs used to call Flamingo the Flaming O. (I thought of you frequently in LV, being reminded of Flamingos daily. *g*)
  • Maybe you can rent a cinema for the next SHarecon! ;D
  • What? What!?? You were in Michigan at a con? ARGHHH! I wish I'd heard of Cabrillo Con or I'd have gone. Was the sculptural garden the (spelling questionable) Frederich Meijer Gardens? That's been on my i-want-to-go list for years and I still haven't been.

  • It must have been *awesome* to see those eps on the big screen. I've only ever seen them on a tiny little laptop screen; I do believe I'm jealous!
  • Sounds like you had a great time. Gah... been so long since I've been anywhere... I really need a con in the near future!

    And kudos on mastering the lj cut -- good for you. It's so much easier to do html on lj than it is to use their rich text format thing.

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