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From the Bird's Beak

Updated PW & MK awards

Updated PW & MK awards

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I've updated the LJ posting for the Paula Wilshe and Marian Kelly Awards.


We have new nominees in almost every single category. More Best Writings, more vids and vidders, more art and artists -- you've been busy!!!

Please consider nominating one of the current nominees you favor. The top ten nominees will be on the final slate of voting. That will be hard to do if all nominees have only one vote.

When sending new nominations (not previously posted) please include what category you're nominating in, and the website where your nomination can be found. We're spending too much time searching for this information, and time is growing short for us in every area. SHareCon is only a few weeks away. Help us out!

And a little more clarification. The Paula Wilshe Award is for NEW WRITERS, the Marian Kelly Hall of Fame Award for Best Writer is for established writers -- those not eligible for the Paula Wilshe. Hope that helps.

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