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From the Bird's Beak

SHareCon needs Vids!

SHareCon needs Vids!

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I intended to send this request out months ago. Yeah. That was the plan. This is now.

SHareCon has at least 2 "official" vid shows and several unofficial ones (we go late at night!). In 2014, we inaugurated a dance vid show that was a big success. Some people danced with abandon, other people were happy to watch and encourage the lunacy. We twirled, we tangoed, we even dipped. We laughed a lot. And the whole time Starsky and Hutch were providing the tunes and so many pretty pictures. So we need vids made with music you can dance to! Fast paced fun music, naughty music, funny music, whatever! If you can tap your toe it, or twirl a girl, and it's on a vid, we want it. We love premiering vids, but we also love favorite vids you've seen before. Hey, I'm buying a disco ball this year. It's happening!

Our other vid show is a sit down and watch and enjoy show, so while we love perky vids, we're also happy to get serious vids, romantic vids (it is a slash con after all), dramatic vids, any vids you might love to see on a BIG SCREEN. Oh, did I fail to mention that? We show the vids on a big screen. And it's purty! We really really love premiering vids, but we love old favs, too, and maybe that obscure vid you love that whenever you mention it, no one knows what you're talking about.

If the vid you'd like shown is online then I need an active link. I will contact the vidder and ask their permission to show the vid. But I must have the link. Please tell me if this is a dance vid or not. Don't make me guess. I'm bad at it.

If you have a vid that you'd like to premiere at the con, or you're just hoping we'll show your vid, you can ask me about what format it needs to be in and how to get it to me. We need vids in high resolution or they pixelate too badly on the big screen.


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