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From the Bird's Beak

Updates for the Paula Wilshe & Marian Kelly Awards: Deadline September 10

Updates for the Paula Wilshe & Marian Kelly Awards: Deadline September 10

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The response to the Paula Wilshe and Marian Kelly Awards has been incredible, overwhelming, chaotic, vibrant, and wonderful. And far beyond anything we expected. Thank you! The latest update can be found on the SHareCon LiveJournal here:


As of 9/8, we have 21 nominees for the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers. Please review the nominees and consider adding your nomination of support to your favorites.

For the Marian Kelly Hall of Fame, we have 35 candidates for Best Writer, and 82 nominations for Best Writing. This list alone is an incredible rec list! We also have 6 candidates for Best Artist, and 52 Best (Single) Art pieces. Check them out, they're gorgeous! There are 12 candidates for Best Vidder, and 29 nominations for Best Vid.  You can spend a lot of hours watching those terrific vids! All these nominations are a wonderful resource for our fandom. When the dust has settled I'm hoping we can post these lists in a permanent location.

Since the deadline for nominations is September 10, you still have a little time to support your favorite writer, artist, or vidder, and your favorite work, by adding to their nominations. We will chose the 10 nominees with the most nominations for the final vote.

Send noms for the Paula Wilshe to pwaward@sharecon.net, and noms for the Marian Kelly to mkaward@sharecon.net. Get your nominations in!
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