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From the Bird's Beak

LAST CALL for PW & MK award nominations!

LAST CALL for PW & MK award nominations!

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The latest update for nominations can be found at


NOMINATORS make sure your nomination is listed and let us know if it isn't. If you're wondering why it takes us so long to get these updates done, it's because we have juggled 540 individual nominations since this started. It's a staggering response from a small, 40-year-old fandom. We thank you!

We'll only accept nominations until 9 PM Eastern Standard Time. IMPORTANT: This is your chance to support your favs because we will ONLY accept nominations ALREADY NOMINATED. Since this is the last day, a new nomination could not garner enough votes to move into the top ten.  DO NOT send anything NEW.  Send noms for Paula Wilshe to pwaward@sharecon.net. Send noms for Marian Kelly Hall of Fame to mkaward@sharecon.net.

The breakdown of nominees:

21 PW New Writers
38 MK Hall of Fame Best Writers
95 MK Best Writing
10 MK Best Artists
54 MK Best Art
12 Best Vidder
37 Best Vid


Flamingo, Keri, Cyanne

  • though I have copy/pasted the email address, it keeps bouncing back to me for Marian Kelly. :( I've emailed Flamingo and Cyanne separately (Because I blanked on Keri!) with the problem.
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