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From the Bird's Beak

LAST CHANCE to vote for PW & MK Awards.

LAST CHANCE to vote for PW & MK Awards.

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LAST CHANCE to cast your vote for the 2016 Paula Wilshe and Marian Kelly awards. It's time to support your fannish creators!

Go to the awards page on the sharecon.net site to see all the nominees and their links. At the bottom of the page are links to the two surveys where you can vote for your choice in each category. You'll have to include your email address for tracking purposes. Your address will not be released or revealed. You don't have to vote in every category, and you'll be able to resume your vote if you can't complete it all at once. But note: if you don't put in your email address, we won't be able to count your vote!

Deadline is October 3 at 12:01 AM EDT. That's a minute past midnight tonight. Vote!!! It's good practice for November!

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