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From the Bird's Beak

The Starsky & Hutch Advent Calendar needs you!

The Starsky & Hutch Advent Calendar needs you!

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At last! SHareCon is over. And we got the houseplants indoors before the frost. Now we can rest! Time to enjoy the new yard swing we never used this summer while planning the con. Let's watch the trees turn color. Ah... Birdsong and puppy dog barks. Colorful leaves drifting down—

What, Cyanne? We have to announce the SH Advent Calendar? Now? It's not even Halloween!!! People heard me mention it at SHareCon and want to send in stuff already? Uh...okay! I'm on it. <looks longingly at swing> <digs through attic Christmas boxes> Found the reindeer bells. Here's the fake Christmas tree. Aerosol pine tree scent. Pretend snow. Star of David & menorah... It's all here. Never thought I'd need it this early!

ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Hard to believe but it's time to make gifts for the SH Advent Calendar. <jingle, jingle> <spritz of pine tree scent> <tossing fake snow in the air> Ho. Ho. And ho.

New fen may ask, What's an Advent Calendar, Santa? Well, girls and boys, if you've been in a gift store anytime after August, you've seen Christmassy calendars with angels, trees, or the Peanuts gang and 24 mysterious numbered cut out flaps. Those are doors representing each day in December leading up to Christmas. You open one door a day and find a surprise!

To celebrate the season SH-style, we create a virtual calendar with doors you click to find SH-themed gifts! But first, we have to fill the calendar with euphoric sentimentalism and flat-out fun focused on our boys! Check out the 2015 calendar here. If you aren't sure what an appropriate gift looks like, check out past calendars on the sidebar here. Almost anything, gen or slash, is welcomed, though holiday themes are always appreciated. (And please, no death or downer topics! No one wants a dead rat in the fridge for the holidays.)

Participating fans like YOU create these gifts and send them to Santa's Workshop at advent@starskyhutcharchive.net. Elves hide the gifts behind the doors to be opened on the designated day.

Enednoviel started the S&H Advent Calendar in 2007, so 2016 will be our 10th! We have 24 days to fill. We need lots of presents to make the calendar the most fun you can have on line with your clothes on. Or with Starsky's & Hutch's clothes on. Or off. You know what I mean.

The Advent Calendar needs your drabbles, puzzles, fic of any length, poems, art, gifs, manips, vids, playlists, icons, wallpapers, jokes, word games, Christmas cards--all and any wonderful creative fannish things you'd like to give and receive during the 24 days before Christmas (and Hanukkah, which starts on December 24!). Wouldn't you like to come home after a hard day of dealing with the holiday craziness and unwind with a special S&H gift? That can only happen if you send gifts to fill the calendar. No gift is too large or too small. We want to have something for everyone every single day so all genres are welcomed and encouraged.

This year, due to technical difficulties beyond our control, we need to set up the calendar early. So there's no time to waste! We'd love our 10th calendar to be extra special! Thanks in advance to everyone who plans to contribute.

tl:dr--Send gifts to build our 10th Starsky & Hutch Advent calendar to advent@starskyhutcharchive.net. Check out the 2015 calendar here and find links to previous calendars on a sidebar here.
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