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From the Bird's Beak

Advent Calendar is up!

Advent Calendar is up!

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christmas cat

Our web wizard, Cyanne, has the Advent Calendar up and ready for perusal. Many thanks to Suzan for the adorable art! Check out the doors; they all work! If you're new to the Calendar, simply click on a number to "open" a door.

We want to thank all of you who have already sent generous gifts! Especially since we're trying to get the first week's worth of gifts ready ahead of time. (What, us, ready ahead of time? A concept so radical it could change the course of human events! Contradict Einstein's theory of time and space! Turn Pluto into a planet again. Okay, maybe not that...) We are looking for the tall and the small, the big and the wee, the major and the minor: poems, games, stories, art, puzzles, calendars, vids, icons, anything creative you might want to send. You know how hard it can be shopping for that perfect gift for that certain someone? Well, every gift in the Advent Calendar is a PERFECT gift, so don't be afraid to send yours in.

Thanks, and enjoy the Advent Calendar right now.

  • I sent a little something to your verizon-addy and hope you got it. The other addy didn't work! 😀 *hugs*
    • (Anonymous)
      I received it, Hutcherie! Thanks.
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