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From the Bird's Beak

Door #7 of the 2016 Advent Calendar is OPEN!!!

Door #7 of the 2016 Advent Calendar is OPEN!!!

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christmas cat

Wow, it's been an entire week since we started the Advent Calendar! And finally, today, I think I have caught up with all my calendar emails. So, if you've sent something and haven't heard from me, please contact me. I live in fear that I've forgotten someone's gift. I would hate for that to happen. We are still accepting gifts if you're working on something, so don't panic. We don't want to miss anything.

Today's gift is from Elf Ksstarfire. I know you'll love it. And thanks, too, for all the wonderful comments you guys are sending. They're very appreciated both by the creators and by the Calendar Elves.

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