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From the Bird's Beak

Archive Issue: your input please!

Archive Issue: your input please!

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christmas cat
We're still exploring some of the features on the new archive. One feature is a listing for "Characters." In a show like Stargate Atlantis, not all primary characters are going to be featured in every story, so this function is very useful. In Starsky and Hutch, however, while there may be some stories that don't have either Starsky or Hutch in them, it wouldn't be many. So, when we first set the archive up, we didn't think we needed this function. Unfortunately, like some other issues with the software, we couldn't get rid of it either, so now all stories show up with "Characters: none" in their listing. Needless to say, this has confused some folks. So, we're reconsidering. Would a character listing be helpful? The character listing is limited to 20 characters which could include (obviously), Starsky, Hutch, but also Dobey, Huggy, and so on. The question is -- would this actually be useful or should we not bother? If we're going to do it, the time would be now before we add a lot more stories and have to go back in and update the info for each story. We'd appreciate your input.
  • There's the same issue with ksarchive.com. I think most people when they see "characters: none" figure out that Kirk and Spock are, by default, in the story.

    There is an available list of additional characters, McCoy, Uhura, etc. People can choose to include additional characters, if appropriate, but they don't have to. I don't think it's been a big problem, but then again I'm not the administrator.
  • As long as readers know that S and H are in the stories, the "additional characters" listed would make sense as the other commenter says above.

    Are the writers going to be able to upload their own stories or are you putting all of the stories in?
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