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From the Bird's Beak

Door #10 of the 2016 Advent Calendar is OPEN!!!

Door #10 of the 2016 Advent Calendar is OPEN!!!

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christmas cat

Happy December 10! I mean, why shouldn't we celebrate other days in December? Why only one day? Don't you think the other days might be feeling left out? I feel a little bad for these other overlooked days. In honor of December 10, the Advent Calendar has two gifts today. Way to go, December 10! We can thank Elves Dawnwind and Wightfaerie for today's offerings.

Please be aware that some gifts come with warnings -- we have offerings that are Safe for Work and offerings that are Not Safe for Work. Yeah, we know you're peeking at the Advent Calendar when you're supposed to be toiling away at your labors. You can't fool us. Sometimes the Not Safe for Work sign is simply for certain language that could cause a problem if they flashed across your work screen, and sometimes it's for images. So pay attention before opening gifts. We wouldn't want to shock your supervisor!


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