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From the Bird's Beak

Door #13 of the 2016 Advent Calendar is OPEN!!!

Door #13 of the 2016 Advent Calendar is OPEN!!!

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christmas cat
Welcome to day 13 of the Advent Calendar. Something a little different for you today thanks to Elves SHaron and Littlestar61. I now you'll like both gifts. And we're loving all the comments we've been receiving. Over 375 already and we're only halfway done. Thank you all! Some of you have wondered if I see the comments. You should know that every single comment comes to Cyanne and myself both, so yes, we see them, and I read every one. While I haven't had time to respond to them (apologies) I appreciate the time you're taking to comment in this busy season, and I know your comments mean a lot to all the elves submitting gifts!

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