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From the Bird's Beak

Posting to the Starsky and Hutch Archive

Posting to the Starsky and Hutch Archive

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Since people have been talking about posting stories, I thought this might be a good time to remind everyone that we would love to have writers also submit their stories to the Starsky & Hutch Archive:


Please note, that's DOT NET.

The SH archive was the first place on the web to archive Starsky & Hutch fiction, starting back in 1996, and has been up continuously since then. That's 15 years! It's moved numerous times, but has remained essentially the same with great classic zine fic and wonderful fresh net fic all under one Starsky & Hutch roof.
  We've been getting great new submissions, which I appreciate very much.  I've put up a few unposted zine stories of my own and plan to add a few  more, and a number of other authors have been adding their work. We  continue to contact writers from the zine era to get their work online.  The archive is fairly easy to use -- if any computer stuff can ever be  considered easy to use -- and it's interactive. You can leave reviews of  your favorite fic and communicate with the writer directly through the  archive.
  From the very beginning of the SH archive I've always encouraged folks  to post their stories in as many places as possible to gain the widest  audience, so I hope folks will consider either posting a link to their  stories that are on other archives, or, ideally, post the story itself.  When authors sign up for the archive they can add information and links  as to where their other stories can be found, such as their livejournal  page and other archive sites, and that bio info appears above the story,  so folks can find your other "homes." If you aren't sure how you'd  like to link into the SH archive, just ask, and we'll figure out the  best fit for your work.
  Livejournal folks, I know you've been having a hard time with the DDoS  attacks. That's been a real strain. I hope you will consider also  posting your work to the SH archive. A lot of SH fans (<cough>  like myself) have trouble negotiating livejournal and miss most of the  fiction on it. Posting it additionally on the SH archive may gain you a  greater audience. We'd love to have you. And as I mentioned, your  livejournal site address will be posted in your bio. I would like  nothing better than to have the SH archive be a dedicated location for  people to be able to find all our authors and see all their links in one  place.
  Our primary archive, wwwstarskyhutcharchive.com (DOT COM) is still alive  and well and holding on to some great SH fic. However, we're out of  room on that site (who would've thought!), so updating the archive will  all happen on DOT NET. Eventually, we hope to centralize all the fic on  the dot net site where we have unlimited space. But that's going to take  a while. In the meantime, the dot com archive is still alive and well  with a fine collection of some of your favorite fics.
  So, to review:
  New fic is welcomed at: www.starskyhutcharchive.net
  Previously posted fic is still at: www.starskyhutcharchive.com
  • Good to see you posting this here, Flamingo! I woiuld really love to get my stuff up on the archive or somewhere.
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