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From the Bird's Beak

Door #20 of the 2016 Advent Calendar is OPEN!!!

Door #20 of the 2016 Advent Calendar is OPEN!!!

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christmas cat

We've just gone over 870 comments, folks!!! Pat yourselves on the back. It might be an Advent Calendar record. I know all the creative elves really appreciate it and those of us putting the Advent Calendar together do too. Today we have three lovely gifts thanks to Elves Dawnwind, Profdrlachfing, and Mvernet and Spencer5460. I know you'll just love them.

I also want to take this chance to remind everyone that the organization and physical construction of the Advent Calendar itself, including the construction of every individual gift page, all the landing pages, and every viable link is due to Cyanne's WordPress wizardry, and all the wonderful graphics, including the backgrounds, banners, and Calendar homepage were donated by Suzan. I was afraid I'd forget to mention it as the Calendar pages draw close to the end. Yeah, and I'm still trying to get my shopping done! I'm such an underachiever!


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