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From the Bird's Beak

Katya Baturinsky has passed away

Katya Baturinsky has passed away

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One of our own has passed away. "Katya Baturinsky," was the name she was known by primarily in Man from UNCLE fandom, and she often posted here on veniceplace in the early years. She was a good friend and supporter of SH fandom, attending many SHareCons and enjoying the friendships she made there. One of my most prominent memories of her was on September 11, 2001. Katya worked in the Twin Towers and escaped before their collapse. She wrote of her harrowing escape to the VP list almost as soon as she arrived home. That's something I'll never forget. She was a warm, friendly, openhearted and generous person, happy to share a hotel room with unexpected guests, happy to spend time with fannish friends. She left us much too soon, and I will miss her. You can find some of her fiction by doing a google search on her name. I don't believe she's on AO3.

feeling sad


  • I'm so sorry, Flamingo *hugs*
  • I've known katyabaturinsky through many fandoms (Due South, Sentinel, Stargate Atlantis, Starsky and Hutch, and Supernatural). She was always a wonderful person to talk to and enjoy fandom with. I'm shocked to hear that she is no longer with us and deeply sad.
    • Kimberly, if you are aware of any of her writings other than MFU, let me know, will you? I could only find references to her works on MFU archives. I couldn't find anything on AO3. I have no idea if she wrote in other fandoms. I'm not aware that she wrote in SH unless she used another name.
      • I don't know of any other fics written by her. She did a lot of fic recs posts on her site. She didn't keep as active on LJ as much lately, but had been active on Tumblr until the 23rd, which is why I am surprised at the sudden loss.
  • My condolences on the loss of your friend.
  • So sorry to hear of her passing. I am familiar and fond of her works in MUNCLE fandom. Will be checking out her other works now that you've pointed them out. May I pass this post along to those in the MFU community? I haven't seen mention of the info over there yet.
    • By all means let the fans in MFU community know. I'd appreciate it since I have no other contacts there.
  • Thank you for posting. Condolences to you and all who knew her or her works.
  • May she rest.

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  • I just saw the post on mfu_canteen that granderobino kindly posted over there.

    My condolences to all her friends throughout fandom. This is indeed a loss to all of us. I did not know her well, just enough to respect and like her greatly. Her two MFU stories (oh how I wish she had written more!) are considered classics in our little fandom.

    I know she was still fairly young - any word on what happened?
    • They are conducting an autopsy. No work yet. I'm in touch with her sister on FB.
  • Address for cards


    I have Colleen's sister's address for cards and the family would really like to hear from her friends. They are in shock at her sudden passing as she wasn't sick that they know of. I'm also talking to her sister about perhaps doing a charity drive in her name. I will let you know if that comes to fruition.

    PM me if you'd like the address. Colleen (Katya) will be deeply missed.


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