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From the Bird's Beak

2017 Summer Solstice Calendar

2017 Summer Solstice Calendar

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We've had a heat wave in February and freezing temperatures in March. Virginia had a major hailstorm and in Maryland, we're in a drought. In other words, we're weary of winter.

But finally, we're emerging from darkness as the days grow longer, So let's look forward to warmer times and the Starsky & Hutch Summer Solstice Calendar! We had a wonderful Solstice Calendar in 2015 (2016 was a SHareCon year, so we skipped the Solstice Calendar to focus on that event).

This year the Summer Solstice is on June 21st. We're planning to host the Calendar from June 1st through the 21st, opening a door each day the same way we do for our Advent Calendar. The Advent Calendar attracts seasonally themed gifts -- stories, games, videos, art, etc. -- often focused on the holiday season (though it's not a requirement). However, the Solstice Calendar, which does not revolve around a holiday, can host themes that are more diverse.

So, here's your invitation to participate. We welcome any creative activity centered on Starsky and Hutch: stories, poetry, art, games, puzzles, podfics, videos, reviews, gifs, memes, icons, wallpapers, anything at all, slash or gen, with no restriction on content or topic. We will organize the gifts and reveal them daily.

We're all busy with real life, and it's easy to postpone creativity. We hope the Solstice Calendar will encourage you to dust off projects you've had trouble making the time for.

Our initial deadline is May 7th. We can accept gifts from now until then. Please send your contributions to solstice at starskyhutcharchive dot net. Our deadlines are fluid, and we will accept gifts after that date, but it would be great to have some early submissions so we can start planning the first few days. We also ask that your submissions be new and that you hold off reposting them until they're released on the Calendar. Once we release your gift, you're free to simultaneously release it anywhere.

We'd love to hear your ideas to make this event successful.

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