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From the Bird's Beak

Summer Solstice submissions needed!

Summer Solstice submissions needed!

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Well, it's not been a great month here at Chez Flamingo, but farm-sitting duties are over, computer has been repaired (new motherboard!), internet connectivity issues have been resolved (the whole neighborhood was out!), and I'm making serious inroads into the email backlog I accumulated while the internet was down and the computer was in the shop. Whew. I'm tired just talking about it.

As of today, I have contacted everyone who has sent in submissions for the calendar. If you've sent something and haven't heard from me, please contact me! It's entirely possible I've lost emails during the dark days of no internet or computer!

We do have some lovely gifts in several genres, but we definitely need more if we're going to have a full calendar. There are 21 days of the solstice, so if you're working on something, please let me know. Remember, solstice gifts can be any length, any genre, any subject, and don't have to have a particular theme. While seasonal stories are always fun, it's not required. We're looking for fiction of any kind, poetry, vids, art, puzzles, games, images, gifs, icons, any creative thing you'd like to submit. The only thing we ask is that the gift be new, not previously published or posted elsewhere. Once it's posted on the calendar, you are free to post it anywhere else.

Our original deadline was May 7, so clearly, that's out the window. It would be great if we could get gifts as soon as possible, but the deadline is open. Please send solstice gifts to: solstice at starskyhutcharchive dot net. This year's calendar is up and ready for viewing. Peek behind the doors and see what the boys have to say about it.


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