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From the Bird's Beak

Door #1 of the Solstice Calendar is OPEN!

Door #1 of the Solstice Calendar is OPEN!

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Door #1 of the Solstice Calendar is now OPEN! Even though this is not the Christmas season, it looks like we do have elves on hand to help us out. Mushroom elves to help deliver our lovely gifts... I think. Our first gift is bestowed upon us by the delightful and talented Suzan. Many thanks!!! To truly enjoy the gift, don't forget to click on the link to see the larger image.

You can open the door by going to http://starskyhutcharchive.net/solstice/2017/  and clicking on the number 1.

We still need gifts to fill up our calendar, so keep working on them. We can receive gifts until the summer sun creeps closer to that final solstice day. Thanks to everyone who's contributed and who are working diligently to contribute. And now if you'll excuse us, we gotta find our butterfly nets as we go tripping through the magic mushrooooooommmmsssss. Oh, the colors!

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