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From the Bird's Beak

Zine Here With You posted to SH Archive

Zine Here With You posted to SH Archive

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christmas cat
It's taken me forever to get this organized--as it does most everything--, but I've finally posted the zine Here With You, a Tribute to Kaye Austen Michaels. It's under "Recent" on the SH archive and you can also find it listed under the publisher's name, Laura McEwan. Stories available online are linked in the Table of Contents, and art is either posted with its story or posted right after the table of contents. Thanks to all who allowed their stories and art to be posted and linked, and special thanks to everyone who contributed to this very special zine. This zine was a labor of love of all the writers and artists, and especially of the publisher. I hope you will enjoy this online version. We love you, Kaye.

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