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From the Bird's Beak

Re: 2017 Advent Calendar

Re: 2017 Advent Calendar

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Anyone who knows me will tell you I really like being busy, but things have gotten super crazy lately. Everyone in our house is sick with some respiratory problem, either pneumonia or bronchitis. We're trying to get ready for an imminent house move (aaaaauuuuuuggghhhhhh!!!!). When we moved into this house 30+ years ago, we had to move everything in one day, the day before Thanksgiving. It was the worst day of our lives. It's starting to look like a similar scenario might happen this year.

I know some of you have sent us wonderful things for the Advent Calendar. I thank you so much. I know others have promised us gifts and others have gifts just waiting in the wings if only I would ever answer my email. I cannot thank you enough for your patience with my slow response time. I'm hoping to play a little catch up next week, and I will send announcements if I think I've found everyone in case something is buried so deep in the depths of my inbox it can't be found. I ask you for your patience a little longer.

And I wanted to remind you that yes, we are planning an Advent Calendar, it's being set up (by elves far more competent than I) even as we speak. So if you've got something you're thinking would make a cute little gift, a lovely present, we definitely do want it! It's almost November, so stuff's going to start happening very very soon, so I hope you will consider sending in your gifts or telling us about gifts you are working on. We want them! And I promise I'll dig myself out from under very soon. I can't wait to start checking on the presents already hiding in my box.

Remember: send gifts to advent@starskyhutcharchive.net -- this guarantees at least two of us receive your note, so even if it doesn't get through to me, someone else will also receive a back up copy!



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