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From the Bird's Beak

It's almost here!!!

It's almost here!!!

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christmas cat
I can't believe it's November 30! It's Advent Calendar Eve! Is that a thing? Yes, it's definitely a thing! So while all our little SH fans are tucked in their beds (at least in the United States) the Advent Elves will deliver presents to their inboxes. People on the other side of the world might receive theirs earlier… or later… please don't make me try to figure that out.

I just want to thank everyone who's been sending gifts for the Calendar. You guys rock! And don't fear that your gift might be too late if you haven't sent it yet. We continue to accept gifts well into December. So if you've been working on something, please know we're eagerly anticipating it! Keep those presents coming!
And before you know it, you'll hear the pitter patter of tiny Advent Calendar elf feet!
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