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From the Bird's Beak

Door #4 of the Advent Calendar is now OPEN!

Door #4 of the Advent Calendar is now OPEN!

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christmas cat
Wow, the comments for the first three days of gifts are just pouring in! Thanks so much! Each one is like a present you're giving back to us!

Unlike Santa's workshop, our elves are not organized in work crews. At the Advent Calendar, each elf is an independent contractor producing a creative product that they give to us for a gift. At least our elves don't have to shovel out the reindeer stable! So, while I prepare to move countless boxes of ornaments to a new house, let me remind you that we will continue to accept gifts for the Advent Calendar. Send them directly to advent@starskyhutcharchive.net.

Today's gift has been crafted by Elf Mortmere.
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