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From the Bird's Beak

Door #5 of the Advent Calendar is now OPEN!

Door #5 of the Advent Calendar is now OPEN!

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christmas cat
It's already December 5th. I can't believe it. So that gives us, what, 19 shopping days left till Christmas? At my house, the only shopping we're doing is at Staples for bubble wrap and packing boxes. Instead of shopping days before Christmas, we're counting down, too -- only 8 more days to moving. I'm not panicking. Do I look like I'm panicking? Of course not. I have the Advent Calendar to keep me grounded.

We are still looking to accept gifts for the Advent Calendar for the foreseeable future. You can send them directly to advent@starskyhutcharchive.net.

Today's gift has been crafted by Elf D. P. Patricks. Many thanks to all our contributors and our commenters!
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