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From the Bird's Beak

Door #16 of the Advent Calendar is open!

Door #16 of the Advent Calendar is open!

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christmas cat
Okay, we're down to 9 more shopping days until! Moving from home in December means I find previously purchased packages in places and can't remember buying them or who I bought them for. What was I thinking when I purchased a little pillow with paw prints on it? Was it so all the other things in my house with paw prints on them (placed there randomly by actual paws) would look like a design theme instead of dirty paws? I don't think HGTV has ever offered that as a designer trend.

No paw prints on the Advent Calendar, though sometimes reindeer hooves show up. And the pitter patter of little elf feet. Today's gifts have been offered by Sophianan and D. P. Patricks. Many many thanks!!! And to all you wonderful folks who comment, you should know we're already over the 500 mark! That's amazing! You're amazing.
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