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From the Bird's Beak

Planning for SHareCon 2012

Planning for SHareCon 2012

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I'm preparing for Media West con so the house is in a total uproar as I figure out what SH stuff to bring. Of course, I'll be heavily promoting SHareCon at Media West -- if I can ever get everything together to get out of here! ;-)

We are working actively on plans for the con,

and still negotiating with the hotel. The good news is that guest room fees will not be going up and will hold steady at the same rate of a flat $99 (plus applicable taxes) regardless of how many folks are in a room. Everything thing else, however, will probably cost us more. I'm hoping to hold the con fees at the same rate, but can't commit to that yet.

One thing we're trying to decided, and we need your input on, is whether to continue the Saturday night dinner at Outback. For those of you who have not been to SHareCon before, the Outback Steakhouse is the restaurant attached to the hotel. Unfortunately, it is the only restaurant within walking distance. At the Outback, we're able to rent a private room for the con attendees. Everyone can order their own meal and get whatever they want and are responsible for the expense themselves. However, a number of folks who have attended every con are getting tired of the limited menu and have asked us to consider some other venue. It is not practical to transport 50+ people to other local restaurants (minimally 2 miles), and around here, on Saturday night, getting in and out of restaurants takes time and usually involves waits of 30 minutes or more. (We have a 2 hour window for dinner, and need everyone to return in a timely manner so we can begin Sat night events.)

So, we are considering adding a second buffet dinner on Saturday night. There is a new chef working with the hotel, and he has agreed to give us the buffets for dinner at lunch prices -- which is about half the price of the dinner buffets. Hotel food is always very expensive, but the more meals we offer, the cheaper the meeting rooms are for us. Because the hotel is going to get the money out of us one way or the other. Also, the chef is willing to work with us on some specialty items, since we know we may have vegans, vegetarians, and members with food allergies.

Because the Friday night dinner/party is included in the con membership fee, we didn't want to roll the cost of the second meal into the fee because we'd have to raise it considerably. We're thinking -- if we decide to go this route -- to ask those interested in this buffet if they would willing to contribute part of the cost. (As an aside, we have to guarantee at least 25 people to get the buffet at all.)

So, if you are even thinking of attending the con, please respond to the quick survey that will help us decide this issue. Since I’ll be posting this request on multiple sites, please only respond once since the responses are anonymous. We'd appreciate it.

The survey link is here.

And as soon as I get back from Media, we'll hit high gear on con planning, so be thinking of these things:

What kind of early bird and late night programming are you interested in?
We always need ideas for panel topics -- both new topics and tried and true ones.
What eps do we want to schedule for viewing and discussion?
We're also thinking of scheduling games for after hours -- who's interested?

And last but not least, we are going to need submission to the con's zine. Start sharpening those pencils!

love, Flamingo

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