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From the Bird's Beak

SHareCon Poll: we need your input

SHareCon Poll: we need your input

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As we make plans for SHareCon 2018, we need your input. We often ask the membership for panel ideas, episode suggestions, favorite vids, and other input. Now, we're asking your input on how best to communicate with the membership, your interest in the registration package, and other issues. If you have any interest in SHareCon at all, whether or not you think you might attend, please fill out the brief poll we've set up. Besides a few direct questions, the poll also gives you an opportunity to provide other feedback. We do ask for a fannish name and email address, but this information will not be published or shared and can only be seen by those of us tabulating the poll results.

You can find the poll at:


The asterisk (*) indicates a mandatory question. Thanks in advance for participating.

The poll will expire in a week, on Sunday, February 11th at 1159pm EST.

Flamingo and the Con Committee

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