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From the Bird's Beak

Regarding future SHareCon announcements

Regarding future SHareCon announcements

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Those of us on the east coast woke up to a spring surprise! At the new Chez Flamingo, we've got 6 inches of snow so far and it's still coming down! Because the snow has restricted our ongoing moving tasks, it gives me a day to catch up on email announcements. And the first one (of a series!) is regarding our announcements. Yeah, you read that right -- this is an announcement about announcements.

As I've whined before, because of the fragmenting of fandom, I have to send out announcements to multiple platforms. The SHareCon poll helped us figure out how to make this process more efficient; thanks to all of you who participated. The next few announcement will be posted to the usual places, but after that announcements will be limited to the SHareCon mailing list and the Starsky/Hutch the Original Bromance (slash ship) community on Facebook.

The Facebook group will be using the hashtag #SHareCon so you can find the announcements conveniently. The SHareCon mailing list is open to anyone with any interest in con activities, but we ask everyone with attending or supporting memberships to join to facilitate communication directly with members.
Okay, that takes care of announcement #1! Watch this space for more news. And yes, it's still snowing.
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