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From the Bird's Beak

Calling all writers/artists!

Calling all writers/artists!

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christmas cat
This is a sharecon year, and that means, I hope, new zines! But there can be no new zines without contributors. Please consider submitting a story or original art for either Dangerous Lives, Dangerous Visions 6, or Timeless 4. You can see images of previous issues and information about DLDV on fanlore. You can find also images and information on the Timeless zines on fanlore.

Originally, DLDV accepted stories that were outside the familiar themes of partnership and romance, such as alternate universe (AU), triads, death stories, non-consensual stories, bdsm, stories that broke down the wall between fiction and reality, and other unusual themes. But, while I still love to see those challenging stories, in recent years I’ve hosted more familiar fare, more humor, and even good old fashioned romance.

Timeless is a theme zine for AU stories. An AU can be as complex as putting our boys in another country and another time or a fantasy world of your own creation. Or it can mean changing just one thing about their normal universe. What if Starsky's dad was still alive, or if Hutch had stayed in Duluth?

Every contributor whose story or artwork accepted gets a free zine, and that means I pay the postage, regardless of where the contributor lives. If you are working on a story and someone is interested in producing art for it, I will be happy to discuss that with you. I am also willing to accept poems and very short pieces, however, due to the economics of producing a zine, I must ask that poetry or drabble submissions are minimally a thousand words. (That may mean several poems from a single author, or ten 100 word drabbles from a single author.)

And, finally, while DLDV and Timeless have been primarily slash zines, I have included gen stories in the past and will be happy to consider them again. I'd like to get stories as soon as possible, up to and including mid-August. If you think you might have something for me, please drop me a note.

Important note: Authors must be willing to have their work edited. I would prefer that your story not be pre-edited or “betaed” by anyone else. I’d rather see your material fresh. Editing is a collaborative effort involving time and effort on both the writer and editor’s part. While authors have the final say about the content of their story, zine producers have the final say on what material they see fit to publish.

Authors and artists agree that all material accepted for publication will be exclusive to the zine for one year from publication unless some other agreement is reached. That means that under normal circumstances, material in the zine is not to be published on any Internet media or location, or in any other zine, and we also ask authors to refrain from sending private copies to friends.


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