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From the Bird's Beak

SHareCon Poll results

SHareCon Poll results

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I warned you more announcements would be coming! Here's number two.

I want to thank everyone for your enthusiastic response to the SHareCon poll. We got some wonderful input and suggestions. One of the most rewarding and surprising responses had to do with the paper zine. I was pretty sure the zine was just a pet project of the con comm, that most SHareCon goers had, at best, only minor interest in it. But according to our poll, the overwhelming majority wanted a paper zine and the digital version. So that is definitely happening! And we can't have a zine without contributors, so writers, artists, and all other creators, we need you. Keep an eye out for the zine announcement coming soon.

You also had some great fresh ideas for different con activities, games, panels, and surprises for the con bags. We're already looking into all of it! We will be sharing some of your suggestions in the discussion forums, and some we'll keep as fun surprises. As always, your creativity is what makes the con new and exciting after all these years.
Your input is important to us, so keep those ideas percolating. Which reminds me… I need coffee before the next round of announcements.

Just a reminder: we'll be posting the current round of announcements to the usual places, but after that, announcements will be limited to the SHareCon mailing list and the Starsky/Hutch the Original Bromance (slash ship) community on Facebook.
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