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From the Bird's Beak

SHareCon Registration now open!

SHareCon Registration now open!

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christmas cat

Registration for SHareCon is now open! All the information you need to register can be found on the SHareCon web site. (Hint: click on "Registration" on the menu bar on the left.)

Prices have gone up slightly due to increased costs from the hotel. So, please note that there are multiple choices for registration depending on whether or not you are interested in the Saturday night buffet.

(The Friday night buffet is also our party, so we presume all con goers will attend.) If you have dietary restrictions that may limit or prevent your participation in either Friday or Saturday night's buffets, please contact me directly regarding registration. The hotel's chef is working with us to ensure we have variety in the menu, including some vegan and vegetarian options.

Choices in registration will also depend on how many days you plan to be there, so be sure to scroll down the page and read all the options.

Also, the response to the survey was greater than we expected. This is good, but it means we might have to limit membership this year. We can only have so many people in the con space. I'm sincerely hoping we can host everyone who cares to come.

Registration for supporting memberships is also open. Supporting memberships are for those who cannot attend the con, but wish to support it. Supporting members get all the printed material given to attending members, including the con zine.

Hoping to see you there!
  • I think I must have missed the outcome info on the survey -- looking at the registration info, I see there will be dinner/banquets on both Friday and Saturday nights, so I assume this means there won't be the Outback dinner any more?

    I plan to register asap and of course, want to get a dealer's table.
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